“The Internet” A Poem

The Internet

Ah, the internet

A beautiful yet scary place

Used as an expressive outlet

By those who choose not to embrace

The standards and rules society has set


Within the web

One can find mountains of love and hate

As both flow and ebb

According to the current state

Of a random neb


Okay, internet trolls

Do not behave based on a bird’s beak

But so arbitrary are the roles

And rules of the world that make everything so bleak

We all just want to take the controls


When spending time on the net

All people

Are able to get

Control as sharp as the top of a church steeple

And create experiences they will never forget


“Thoughts on Summer” a Poem

Thoughts on Summer

Summer is a time

For new beginnings

Not spring


For summer is a season

In limbo

Strung between school years


A time for new romance

A time for fun vacations

A time for cash work


All contained within this one season

For children

And for adults?


Summer is no different

Than any other time

Of the year


They just have to figure out

Where to send their children

Since there no more school


At what point

Do we make this transition

From summer fun to nothingness?


After high school?

After college?

After children?


It is different for everyone

Depending on each person’s

Individual life


As for me

I can feel the transition happening

With a job and siblings to care for


Summer is still fun

But also a lot of work

Is that the way it has always been?


Has summer always been

A balance between work

And having fun?


I guess

That is what summer

Really is


A time to learn

How to balance playing hard

With working hard


So that at other times of the year

We can all still have

Summer time fun