Summer Playlist and a New Theme!

Yeah, I totally realized that June was over. Didn’t forget to post at all. Not me. Not ever. Nope. 😅

Anyway, here’s the playlist for June. It features some songs that relate to summer and a few that we’ve just been listening to lately.

As it’s Judi making this post, any and all songs you don’t like are definitely suggestions from Sasha and Briahna. Please direct all complaints to them. Any songs you do like are… probably also suggestions from Sasha and Briahna, to be honest. I think I only contributed one or two of these.

Onwards! It’s time to announce the new theme for July. Drumroll, please.

The theme is… the internet! We love it, we hate it, and we can’t live without it, so why not talk about it for a month? We’ll admire cute cats and complain about awful YouTube comments, and Sasha will almost certainly take this opportunity to post memes. If that sounds like something you want to see, stick around and see what we post here on Media Monthly this July.


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